Why Color?

“Savannah is so excited!! I think this is way better than traditional classes because it is tangible; she sees the colors and the associated keys!” from mom Addie R. about starting piano lessons at home with MerrieNan Melodies.

We recognize that decades ago, musician’s tried to come up with an easier way to teach piano to children. That attempt eliminated many of the elements that make it difficult to learn to read music–understanding note placement on a staff, clefs, rhythm, and dynamics (loud and soft) to name a few.

MerrieNan Melodies takes a different approach:  we ADDED something instead of getting rid of musical parts. The color supports the new learner much as training wheels help the new bicycle rider.  The training wheels and color make a difference at the beginning and then go away.

The MerrieNan  Melodies color-coded system assigns one color to each of the seven notes in the musical alphabet, A-B-C-D-E-F-G.  This color-coded system keeps intact the order of the seven letters in the musical alphabet.

An extension of this color-coded one-to-one correspondence is used in the MNM Music Note Code seen at the top of this message. The MNM Music Note Code translates each letter of the English alphabet and the ten numerals of the base ten system into one of the seven colors. This allows learners to write music using any words or numbers in their lives!  This “composing” and writing of songs reinforces the learning of the music notation system.

The answer to the question of “Why Color?” is in Savannah’s excitement about exploring the world of music on her piano!  A child wanting to play and then easily learning music answers the question.

Find out how you can see this same excitement in your child’s eyes by exploring your options at merrienan.com!


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