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classroomMerrieNan Melodies (MNM) Classroom Music Approach is a method for teaching music reading to students in elementary school music classrooms. We are NOT attempting to make pianists out of classroom children; we offer an easy way to teach children as young as kindergarten how to read music via the keyboard. How wonderful would it be if all children arrived in fifth grade band already knowing how to read music? This is possible with MNM.

A three-year pilot program was initiated in 2012-2013 in a school with over 350 students in grades K-3. Fourth grade classes with an additional 100 students were added for the 2013-2014 school year. Children, teachers, administration, and board members have delighted in this approach to making music accessible using keyboards. The MerrieNan Melodies Classroom Music Approach is for ALL students!

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Comparison Chart for the MNM Classroom Music Approach

MNM Approach/Understanding vs. Traditional Approach/Rote
Concept of clef using all clefs Treble clef only until upper grades
Reinforcement of reading through writing and composing Reading only
Notes written on staves including grand staff Notes written without a staff
Colored notes for clarity Black and white notation
Fingering hands with colored dots Fingerings with numbers
Same notes in two clefs Different notes in two clefs
Scales using patterns Scales using key signatures

The chart above compares the MerrieNan Melodies approach to teaching elementary students on the left versus the traditional approach on the right. MNM emphasizes understanding rather than rote learning. The chart lists specific examples of this conceptual approach as well as other differences that give MNM students an advantage when trying to decipher the musical notation system.

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