MerrieNan Melodies teaches music literacy via the keyboard.


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MerrieNan Melodies 15-Second Tour

The homeschooler parent, piano teacher, or classroom music teacher who looks at the MNM curriculum will notice the unique approach of this method. Colored notes? Limited fingerings? Staff pages for writing music? Advanced theory easily understood?

Add Color; Retain Staff

MNM adds color and also retains the staff.   Note identification is done with color instead of fingerings. The staff is included in the very first lessons. 

Composing to Read and Play

Composing original songs is a hallmark of the program. Students reinforce the note names by writing their own pieces using the MNM Music Note Code.

Piano Beginner Success

The MNM Piano Beginner Success curriculum contains a Training Manual, a kit with manipulative materials that reinforce concepts in a fun and accessible way, and 21 books.  

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The challenges of teaching beginners how to read music have frustrated many piano teachers. The MNM approach has a unique solution to this age old problem.

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Key Ideas

The MerrieNan Melodies approach to learning to read music is based on sound educational and musical concepts. The holistic presentation of concepts is just one of these important ideas.

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Our Products

The MerrieNan Melodies (MNM) Kit and Materials were created to make learning to read music easy and accessible to students of all ages.

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