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Merrie Melodies has been a blessing and a game changer for us in music. I wanted my daughters to learn keyboard but didn’t want to spend as much money as lessons require, but yet I was scared to teach them as I had never played or knew how to read music. I am now in my 6th year of using it, and not only have my daughters learned so much, I have learned right along with them! This program has made it so easy for me to teach them. I have 3 daughters, ages 10, 7, and 4, and we all love it!” 

Jaime Harder - Homeschooling Parent

I have a huge success story in my studio!  If it works for this student, it can work for anybody! Bless this little girl’s heart; she had major diagnosed learning problems.  You know how some students can just go right into any music reading system and don’t need any extra help–they comprehend it easily.  Other students can have difficulties grasping the staff and notation.  I tried many different ways to facilitate her learning for several years.  When I saw how this girl responded immediately to MerrieNan Melodies, I knew it would also make it easier for all young children to learn to read music. That’s why I am going to do MerrieNan Melodies with all of my beginning students.  The students and I love your spinner and the octave cards (Pick a Note Cards)!  They are very unique! [To piano teachers,] I would say, “Try it and prepare to be amazed.”

Betty Todd Smith - Betty Smith's Music Studio

During the past seven months I have used MerrieNan Melodies in my classroom, (K-3rd), teaching approximately 370 students, three times a week.  MerrieNan Melodies uses color to teach notes.  Students identify and play notes in the bass clef and the treble clef, separately and together.  Keys are color coded to be used with their song books. Students enjoy using the different materials to enhance their learning.  When I shared this curriculum with our site council and board members, adults young and old left feeling that they had accomplished a lot in a short amount of time. I am thrilled to be piloting MerrieNan Melodies in our district this year and look forward to the future.

Connie Istas - USD 333

Having a child who learns visually and loves art, the MerrieNan Melodies piano method was a perfect fit because of the ease of learning to read music with all the colors of the rainbow.  It has been great to see my child blossom into a musician while building skill and confidence.

Laura Linder - Parent

The students and I truly enjoyed your presentation and are impressed by your delightful and creative teaching tools.  Our students are still talking about your materials and are eager to learn about the kit.

I visit China often.  I have witnessed many 3-year-old beginners learning by rote who cannot learn pieces independently even when they are able to play at the intermediate level.  Reading is the barrier.  The MNM approach for sure can help. “Learning to read by writing,” color-coded system, and the “name game” are very attractive to young beginners.  I sincerely applaud your creative minds!

Xiaoli Ding - Department of Music, Washburn University

I just want to say that I am very impressed with the MerrieNan Melodies curriculum [my children’s teacher] has been using in music class.  My three children take piano lessons and I have seen great improvement in their recognition of notes when reading music.  My daughter who is a first grader has excelled in her first lessons.  My sons have continued to grow musically and the musical foundation provided by MerrieNan has helped tremendously.  I attribute their musical progress to the practice you have been doing in music class. Thank you for sharing your love of music with my children.

Ashley Carlgren - Parent, teacher

Thank you so much for these great teaching materials.  I’ve barely started using them and can already see the benefits. It definitely makes sight reading way more fun. Thank you! Thank you!

Sharon Soldi - Piano teacher, professional musician

Looking back on when my six year old started lessons last year it is amazing at what has been accomplished. She can read music before she can read books, she relates to all aspects of the teaching thru colors, numbers, and letters. The games and colors keep it interesting and fresh for little legs that cannot keep still. I can tell my daughter is so proud of herself and enjoys playing. She knows what the notes are called, plays both hands, and even some chords, and she is understanding rhythm. What a wonderful music method; I wish it was available when I took lessons as I learned by memory.

Cheryl Kurtz - Parent

FABULOUS!  Inspiring and so much fun – plus the impeccable scholarship.  We can’t thank you enough for sharing your beautiful materials and your insight.  What a team!

Virginia Wallace - Department of Music, Washburn University