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Baby Steps

Getting started by taking “baby steps” is not new information for most of us. Those of us, myself included, who like to jump in and do things all at once just have a hard time taking this sound advice. My patient husband suggested that we tackle the boxes in the basement together for just one hour […]

Why Color?

“Savannah is so excited!! I think this is way better than traditional classes because it is tangible; she sees the colors and the associated keys!” from mom Addie R. about starting piano lessons at home with MerrieNan Melodies. We recognize that decades ago, musician’s tried to come up with an easier way to teach piano […]

Alphabet Gift for You

Letter Dice Sample If you have checked out our website information, you know we are all about capturing students’ imagination and sense of fun while learning. We have a little gift for you this week: a sheet of colored dice. Color is one of our signature tools. This could help your young ones who are […]

Back to School with MNM!

It’s that time of the year when the start of school is on everyone’s mind.  If you have considered adding piano lessons to your curriculum, MerrieNan Melodies has the homeschool answer for you! Our curriculum program has been tailored to the homeschooled family.  For a fraction of the cost of lessons with a piano teacher […]

Updated Website!

At long last!  Our website is servicable and will enable you to not only find us but buy our innovative products for your family! As many of you know who have developed websites, this is no small matter. The new site looks somewhat similar to our old site to help you feel comfortable, and to […]