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Piano Beginner Success Curriculum

An EarlyStart or WriteStart Beginning for All!

We have reorganized our offerings to make ordering simpler and more effective for you.  The MerrieNan Melodies Piano Beginner Success curriculum gives you everything you need to teach piano lessons to everyone in the family!  With this approach, you do not need to determine ahead of time what level will work for which child. You can try out the levels because you will have all of the beginner materials you need no matter how many family members want to learn to play the piano!

Whether you are an accomplished pianist or a parent with no musical background, the Piano Beginner Success program will give you the way to teach your child to read music.

So first off, you get an electronic Training Manual that allows you, as the parent-teacher, to tailor each lesson to your child.  We have broken up this training into individual (30) lesson-scripts where I walk you through all of the steps to address the particular concept included in that lesson. We have a purpose in our format; the reason we offer this training in a lesson-script format is so you may tailor the lessons to your child. With a script versus a video, you have the option of modifying the verbiage and pacing of the lesson.  Do all of the lesson or do a fifth of the lesson!  It’s up to you and our child to decide what works for the two of you. The lessons are available in an electronic format so you can download them, print, and make notes during your lessons.

Also, included is the entire set of supporting educational materials, activities, and the books you will use for your entire family. You will have everything you need no matter how many family members want to learn to play the piano!   

You will receive the complete MerrieNan Melodies Kit with all of the support materials necessary to follow through with this innovative curriculum. Children’s eyes light up when they see their new kit!  And it’s one kit per family! The kit materials are easily shared.

You will also receive 12 beginner startup books in a digital format.  We have a level for 4-6 year-olds that we call the EarlyStart program (with 6 books) as well as a level for the older beginner ages 6-7 and older, the WriteStart program (with 6 books).  Young students go through both levels; older students start with the WriteStart level.

When your child finishes with these startup books, he moves on to learn about rhythm in the WriteRhythm level (with 8 books). This is a powerful level because we have now added rhythm which is crucial to music.  Also, it’s a lot of fun!  You and your child will recognize many of the songs in the three songbooks for this level.

One more book, The Spinner Book, is in a game format and will be printed and included when your kit is shipped to you. The directions for many reinforcing and fun activities are included in this enjoyable book. Portions of the other 20 books will be delivered to your inbox with the aligned lessons. You will receive the first four lessons in the first week! 

As with the kit, these books can be shared.  Just download the books on your iPad and set it on your piano or keyboard. The bright colorful pages “turn” easily with the swipe of a finger!

Another advantage of digital copies of the books is the fact that any updates that we might make will be immediately available to you.

Some of the books are interactive and require your child to write down answers.  For those books, we have gathered the consumable pages into easily printable books that you are granted permission to copy to meet the needs of your family. Those books are called the Sibling Supplements because they supplement the original versions of the books. They were created for each level. There are six of these printable books, two for each level. 

Another book that you have permission to print is the EarlyStart Coloring Book.  Younger children love to color and this is a fun way for them to reinforce their learning. You can print the pages as you need them and as many times as you want in these seven books.

We also offer the printed versions of all 21 books in the program for those of you who prefer this format.  Since printed books are not a part of this program, this is done by special order and involves additional work on our part and more investment on your part. These books are printed on quality paper so that the colorful pages do not show through and confuse the new learner.  All printed books are bound with a wire spiral which allows the books to lie flat for easy viewing.  If the printed books sound appealing, you will like this option. You would still have all of the digital versions.

Since you will have all of the instructions and the materials you need, you can go back over the material at your leisure or at the pace each of your children may need.  Just print off the Training Manual pages and write on them so you will know where to pick back up with each child. We added plenty of white space just for this purpose.