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Personalized Name Items

Personalized Name Items

Personalized name products are a special and unique offering from MerrieNan Melodies! You have a choice of four items.  Be sure to send us an email with the spelling of your name choices and a phone number so we can contact you if needed.


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Billy Song Bookmark








Name-in-Music Bookmark

This is your first name as a bookmark!  Your personalized first name song in treble clef will be laminated in a 2″ by 7 1/2″ format.  The MNM Music Note Code will be on the back so you can try writing your friends’ names in music!  You could use these little bookmarks as student/studio gifts, grandchild gifts, stocking stuffers, pet’s name label, party favor, . . . They may be bought either singly or in sets of  five of the same name.

Price: $1.95



Name-in-Music Bookmark Set

This is a set of 5 of your first name bookmarks.  The same name must be used for all five bookmarks. Own lots of books and love to read?  This is the set for you!

Price: $7.95




Large Label William (2)






Name-in-Music Labels

This is your first name song as a Label:  This larger name song label measures approximately 3 3/4″ by 10″.  This format is good for use as a child’s room label, cubbie label, bookshelf label, grandchild gift, . . .Choose a favorite person or pet for this colorful and useful item. The MNM Music Note Code will be on the back so you can try writing your friends’ names in music!.

Price: $3.50






3 Clefs William Song












Three Clefs Name-in-Music Song

This item displays your first name in three clefs!  You musicians out there know what we’re doing here!  The third item is your first name or the first name of a person of your choice in treble (G), alto (C), and bass (F) clefs in a 5″ by 8″ laminated format.  This is a fun item and emphasizes some of the unique, accessible theory in the more advanced level of MerrieNan Melodies.  We will also include a Music Note Code so you can try your hand at writing music in different clefs the MNM way.

Price: $6.95




Elaine Crawford Song (2)

First and Last Name Original Composition

How would you like to have your own first and last name song?  Nan will personally compose a custom song based on the translations of your first and last name into the MerrieNan Melodies Music Note Code. Your name song will include accompaniment.  You will receive two copies of an 8 1/2 X 11 inch page printed on quality paper suitable for framing. An additional laminated copy is also included; these are helpful with children who may want to carry around their name song!

Price: $49.95