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Kit Replacement Items

Kit Replacement Items

The following items are included in the Kit.  If replacements are needed, they are available here. 

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Colored Stickers (35 dots, 7 colors)

Price: $0.95


Erasable Colored Pencils (7 colors)

Price: $6.95



Pick a Note Cards with Ledger Line Notes

This unique card set reinforces the different locations of the notes in various octaves. 

Price: $2.95


Pick a Note Cards

This is the first set of flashcards the beginner uses.

Price: $2.95



MNM Colored Keyboard

Price: $4.95


MNM Music Note Code

Price: $1.75




MNM Single Note Cards Naturals

Price: $4.95


MNM Single Note Cards Sharps

Price: $4.95


MNM Single Note Cards Flats

Price: $4.95


MNM Single Note Cards Ledger Lines

Price: $3.95


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Pencil Sharpener

Price: $1.45


Spinner and Spinner Card

Price: $5.95
Trifoilo Case

Trifolio Case without Kit Contents

Price: $20.95


Keyboard to Staff Guide-Treble Clef

Price: $2.95


Keyboard to Staff Guide-Bass clef

Price: $2.95


Dry Erase Staff

Price: $2.95


Fingering Hands Card

Price: $2.95


Red Composing folder with Staff Paper

Price: $4.95


Scale Interval Cards with  Directions

Price: $6.95


Spinner Card

Price: $2.95


Tote Bag

Price: $14.95


Unifix Cubes

40 cubes, 5 in each of 8 colors

Price: $9.95