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MNM Kit With Trifolio Case

Price: $119.20


MNM Kit Components:

MNM Colored Keyboard; Colored Stickers (35 dots in 7 colors: purple, sky blue, red, orange, yellow, green, blue); MNM Dry Erase Staff; Erasable Colored Pencils (7 colors); MNM Fingering Hands Card; MNM Keyboard to Staff Guide (Treble Clef); MNM Keyboard to Staff Guide (Bass Clef); MNM Music Note Code Card; Pencil Sharpener;  MNM Pick a Note Cards; MNM Pick a Note Cards with Ledger Line Notes; Red Composing Folder with MNM Large Staff Paper (5 sheets) and MNM Medium Staff Paper (5 sheets); MNM Scale Interval Cards with Directions; MNM Single Note Cards (naturals, sharps, flats, ledger lines); Spinner and MNM Spinner Face; MNM Spinner Card; MNM Tote Bag; Trifolio Case; Unifix Cubes (40, 5 in each of 8 colors)