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MNM Kit Contents

MNM Kit With Trifolio Case

Price: $69.90

MNM Kit Contents Without Trifolio Case

Price: $53.95

This includes all of the kit contents without the blue trifolio case.

MNM Kit with Trifolio Case – MNM Colored Keyboard (Dot Version), Folder including – MNM Keyboard to Staff Guide (Treble Clef Card 1), MNM Keyboard to Staff Guide (Bass Clef Card 2), MNM Spinner Card 3 & MNM Circle of Fifths Card 4, MNM Scale Patterns & Time Signatures Card 5, MNM Scale Fingering Chart Card 6, MNM Ledger Line Activity, MNM Large Staff Paper (5 sheets), MNM Medium Staff Paper (5 sheets), MNM Rhythm Dice (set of 2), Colored Stickers (35 dots in 7 colors: purple, sky blue, red, orange, yellow, green, blue), MNM Single Note Cards (naturals, sharps, flats, ledger lines), MNM Music Note Code, Pencil Sharpener, Erasable Colored Pencils (7 colors), MNM Pick a Note Cards, Spinner, MNM Spinner Face, MNM Basic Fingering Hands Card