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Books for Both Levels

These books are used in both the EarlyStart and WriteStart levels of the private piano materials.


Five Finger Hand Position Songs

The Five Finger Hand Position Songs book should be started after the eighth or ninth lesson in either the EarlyStart or WriteStart levels.  We want the student to have a firm grasp of the concept of looking at the position of the note on the five lines and four spaces in order to determine the note name before introducing fingerings (finger numbers).  Finger numbers are used in this book to ensure the correct hand positions.

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Songbook B:  Notable Songs and Rhythms

Songbook B follows either EarlyStart Songbook A or WriteStart Songbook A.  Students have seen only noteheads in those two songbooks.  Students will move on to rhythm with the “same notes and same rhythm” in Songbook B.

SB B Cover


Price: $26.95




Songbook C:  Putting It All Together

Songbook C follows Songbook B.This book concludes the MerrieNan Melodies basic sequence and moves to “different notes and same rhythm” and then to “different notes and different rhythms.”  And that’s music!

Price: $28.95